Switch to a life in focus.

A new alternative to traditional varifocals, occupational eyewear
or wearing multiple pairs of glasses.

Innovative prescription eyewear designed in the UK by Adlens, world leaders
in adaptive focus lens technologies.

Taskmaster gives me better clarity at intermediate distances.

I have clearer text on my phone and tablet.

I feel safer wearing them, especially when I am walking downstairs.

The Outlook Zone is really good. It's like not wearing glasses again!

No more hunting for the sweet spot, just sharp focus at my fingertips.

77% of users in our trial said TaskMaster was a better solution than their existing eyewear.

Source: Ampersand Patient Trial October 2020 - January 2021

  • Access to sharp focus and clear vision at any distance
  • Wider field of view than normal varifocals
  • More practical than carrying round multiple pairs of glasses
  • Less swim at the bottom of the lens
  • No more hunting for the sweet spot

TaskMaster is a new alternative that puts you back in control of how well you can see at every distance

Prescription eyewear which combines dual lens Alvarez PowerShift technology with premium varifocal design, allowing you to switch between 3 different focal zones.

  • The Outlook Zone

    70cm to Distance
    Distance vision for driving, watching television or walking combined with the ability to see clearly at arms-length.

  • The Social Zone

    50cm to 1.70m
    Intermediate vision for meetings and social gatherings.

  • The Personal Zone

    35cm to 80cm
    Designed for reading, computer work and hobbies. Sharp vision for the task at hand.

TaskMaster is designed to give you sharp focus for the task at hand.

Using dual lens Alvarez PowerShift technology, with the flick of a finger the wearer can switch between 3 different focal zones.

TaskMaster is 3 pairs of glasses in one, giving the wearer a wider field of view and better focus at every distance.

  • The Outlook Zone: 70cm to distance
  • The Social Zone: 50cm to 1.70m
  • The Personal Zone: 35cm to 80cm

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