Switch to a life in focus.

A new alternative to traditional varifocals, occupational eyewear
or wearing multiple pairs of glasses.

Innovative prescription eyewear designed in the UK by Adlens, world leaders
in adaptive focus lens technologies.

TaskMaster Jada



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PowerShift lens technology

TaskMaster is designed with a dual lens system that uses Alvarez PowerShift technology combined with premium varifocal to give you access to clear vision at every distance.

  • Intuitive 3-zone switchable lens system
  • Better field of view, sharper focus and more comfortable vision in each of the 3 focal zones
  • Secure, robust, easy-to-clean magnetic lens mounting system
The TaskMaster lens

TaskMaster uses high quality MR8 1.60 index freeform lenses, custom-made to each individual's prescription. The lenses have a premium anti-reflective and hard coat with super-hydrophobic and oleophobic properties to minimise reflections, prevent scratching, repel dirt and moisture.

  • Eliminate reflections
  • Enhanced UV protection
  • Guaranteed durability
  • Scratch resistance
  • Water-repellent hydrophobic layer
  • Fingerprint & oil-resistant oleophobic layer

Where can I buy TaskMaster?

TaskMaster is exclusively available from our Partner Opticians in the UK, which are listed here. If there is no Partner Optician near you, please make an appointment with our online consultation and information service and we will find a way to help you.

As a bespoke prescription product, TaskMaster is not currently available to purchase online.

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