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An Update from Adlens

Since its launch in May 2022, feedback from people who have purchased our Taskmasters has shown that its lens technology really works as a genuine alternative to varifocals, occupational eyewear, or wearing multiple pairs of glasses; with real benefits for frustrated presbyopes. We have also been delighted by the reception our framed collection has received, which was due to launch in a few weeks.

Therefore, it is particularly sad for us to announce that we have decided to cease production of our Taskmaster glasses. As a result, unfortunately we will be unable to fulfil future Taskmaster orders.

We always knew it would be hard and risky to bring such innovation to the glasses market, and through the trial we have not only learnt of the demand, but also the challenge there would be in scaling production and marketing. We have therefore decided the investment is too great a risk.

A team from Adlens will continue to offer specialist optical consulting, lens design services for AR/VR and standard optical testing, innovating new solutions for our development partners and improving quality and standards for the ophthalmic supply chain – For further information contact rob.stevens@adlens.com

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our suppliers, partner practices and
friends of Adlens for all their help with Taskmaster. Innovation needs pioneers.

⚡️ 15% off all VR ProOptics lenses with code 15XMAS – offer expires 16th December ⚡️